Rules of Employment

Going After Your Dream Job

In various countries, the economic downturn is still going on. In that situation, it becomes tough to get your desired job. But for your information, there are some other factors which you can handle to increase your chances to get employed.
First and the most important factor which most of the candidates ignore is that they do not update their curriculum vitae on a regular basis. Various people’s CV are not updated as they appear the same as they did a year ago. As we know we learn things by the passage of time, if you learn any new thing that could be added to your Curriculum Vitae, add it immediately. Why immediately? Because you will not remember it if you update your CV after a year, definitely you will have a lot of things to write which could constitute the primary factor in getting your desired job.
Second, the important thing is that you must customize your resume according to the job instead of delivering the same resume for different type of jobs. For example, if an organization requires expertise in the field of taxation, then you first mentioned your taxation experience on the top of the list with a detailed description in the “Experience” part of your resume. Then put rest of the experience below the taxation experience.
Third, another important thing is that you should support your resume with a cover letter. It should be well written, and it should also be customized according to the job requirement. Remember, you are going to sell yourself and how could you benefit the company you are applying for the job should reflect in your cover letter. Try to give proper references on your resume, but it is also acceptable to write “references available upon request.”
The fourth most important thing you need to work on is when you get a call from the employer, you should get as much information about the company as you can – that’ll help you to give better answers during the interview. Also, practice as much as you can for commonly asked questions in front of a mirror. As you know, practice makes perfect. Same rule follows here!
The final important thing relates to interviewing; when the employer selects your resume for short listing and you are invited to a physical meeting with either one or group of interviewers, you should demonstrate confidence and agility in your speaking. A dull voice could destroy your personality and your communication skills because, in most of the jobs, employers require candidates to have good speaking skills. You must have some knowledge about the organization. During the interview, you may get questioned about the company. If you keep these important things in mind while applying for jobs, hopefully, you will be able to get your desired job quickly.